configure SMTP mail server On Dspace

install smtp

apt-get install msmtp

open dspace.cfg

and change  these

# SMTP mail server

# SMTP mail server authentication username and password (if required)
mail.server.username =
mail.server.password = your-gmail-password

# Pass extra settings to the Java mail library. Comma separated, equals sign between
# the key and the value.
mail.extraproperties = mail.smtp.socketFactory.port=465, \
 , \

2 thoughts on “configure SMTP mail server On Dspace

  1. Why do you have to do `apt-get install msmtp` for this to work?

    I would like to be able to configure DSpace to use msmtp without having to add the username and password into the dspace.cfg – thoughts?

  2. Also I meant to click the subscribe to comments button.

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