Enable Solr on Dspace

comment this
<!--<aspect name="Searching Artifacts" path="resource://aspects/SearchArtifacts/" />-->
remove comment from
       <aspect name=”Discovery” path=”resource://aspects/Discovery/” />
remove comment from this line
event.dispatcher.default.consumers = versioning, search, browse, discovery, eperson, harvester
and comment 
event.dispatcher.default.consumers = versioning, search, browse, eperson, harvester


#recent.submissions.count = 5
recent.submissions.count = 0
now rebuild solr index
/dspace/bin/dspace update-discovery-index
if there is an error
check solr data file if exist and has write permission
if not
do this

mkdir  [dspace]/solr/search/data
mkdir  [dspace]/solr/statistics/data
chown -R 777  [dspace]/solr/search/data
chown -R 777  [dspace]/solr/statistics/data



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