add another language to dspace

to add another language to dspace follow these steps :

if you using JSPUI

webui.supported.locales = ar, en

and you can set the default language 

default.locale = ar

now add you language  messages file to you dspace in the path


before start instalation and name the file like this


if you are using XMLUI 

add you language to dspace.cfg file 

xmlui.supported.locales = ar, en

and your langauge file 


to the path 



and now you add language switch html code to your theme file in the theme folder 


for example : if you use mirage theme add it in the file 


any where you want 

like this

 <div style=”margin-right:300px;direction:rtl”> language :: <a href=”/xmlui?locale-attribute=ar”> Arabic</a> | <a href=”/xmlui?locale-attribute=en”> English </a> </div>


22 thoughts on “add another language to dspace

  1. In xmlui
    where to add xmlui.supported.locales = ar, en in whic dspace.cfg??

  2. Is there any updates regard RTL in XMLui Mirage2

  3. yes i have RTL Mirage2 , you only need to change the css file for RTL

    • One more question please, is there any language switcher for changing the language and direction or loading RTL CSS

  4. you can check the locale variable in page-structure.xsl

  5. hi, i need change the language of my Mirage Interface in Dspace. I’m working the 3.2 version .. Make the adjusts but send error in div or a, say that is a non correct language programing. I write from Argentina and i need three languages changes .. Spanish, Portugues and English. thank you so much…

  6. you can only change the text in messages.xml file in i18n folder
    be sure that the file encode in UTF8

  7. Thank you so much amdmaher make the prove in my house .. i’ve DSpace 4.2 and it’s all ok. I will make the prove in the 3.2 DSpace installation! 😉

  8. Hi all,
    I want to set default language to Vietnamese by change some values in dspace.cfg as follow:

    default.locale = vi
    webui.supported.locales = vi, en

    Then i restart tomcat7 service (i install dspace in Ubuntu 14.04), but it still in English by default.

    Any helps?


  9. Can we do it for Some Indian Languages like Hindi , Bangla, Telugu, etc. If so , is there any procedure for JSPUI and XMLUI

  10. yes , the localization can applied for any languages

  11. Thanks for the reply.

    But we are not able to find any tutorials for the localization and we did some configuration just like the above arabic language like renamed ( HI –> Hindi from Indian Langauges ) .We are getting as some encoded text but not Hindi ..

    Requesting to help with the above.

  12. i think all the languages are the same

  13. I am trying to put image upload in addition to the fields in item creation in jspui of dspace6.0.This is for input box , onebox I am trying to find it for image upload in inputforms.xml

  14. i want to add urdu language in dspace 4.0 but not getting file , what to do , please help

  15. Salam Ahmed
    I installed dspace 6.2 and I want to use it in persian, How can I call style-fa.css in page-structure.xsl?
    Thanks in advance

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