Caching each query individually cakephp

place the following code within your app/app_model.php.

public function find($conditions = null, $fields = array(), $order = null, $recursive = null) {
	if (Configure::read('Cache.disable') === false && Configure::read('Cache.check') === true && isset($fields['cache']) && $fields['cache'] !== false) {
		$key = $fields['cache'];
		$expires = '+1 hour';

		if (is_array($fields['cache'])) {
			$key = $fields['cache'][0];

			if (isset($fields['cache'][1])) {
				$expires = $fields['cache'][1];

		// Set cache settings
		Cache::config('sql_cache', array(
			'prefix' 	=> strtolower($this->name) .'-',
			'duration'	=> $expires

		// Load from cache
		$results = Cache::read($key, 'sql_cache');

		if (!is_array($results)) {
			$results = parent::find($conditions, $fields, $order, $recursive);
			Cache::write($key, $results, 'sql_cache');

		return $results;

	// Not cacheing
	return parent::find($conditions, $fields, $order, $recursive);

open up your app/config/core.php file and place the following code at the bottom (near the default cache settings).

Cache::config('sql_cache', array(
    'engine'		=> 'File',
    'path'		=> CACHE .'sql'. DS,
    'serialize'	=> true,

By default, caching will not work on your applications queries, you would need to set an additional “cache” option within your find(). Each SQL cache should have its own unique identifier so that it does not conflict with other queries. Also by default, queries will be cached for one hour and will be saved as a serialized array. The following examples explain how the cache option works.

// Cache query to /tmp/cache/sql/model-test_sql_query
$results = $this->Model->find('all', array(
	'cache' => 'test_sql_query'

// Cache query to /tmp/cache/sql/model-another_query that expires in 24 hours
$results = $this->Model->find('all', array(
	'cache' => array('another_query', '+24 hours')

What if I have a query that’s used multiple times but each has its own limit (custom method), but uses the same cache slug? Simply give the cache slug a dynamic name like so:

// Cache query to /tmp/cache/sql/model-dynamic_query-15 
$results = $this->Model->find('all', array(
	'limit' => $limit, // 20, 30, etc
	'cache' => 'dynamic_query-'. $limit

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