Extending a Linux File System IN amazon EC2

1- expand the volume from amazon  ec2 Volumes dashboard

2- Expand the modified partition using growpart

sudo growpart /dev/xvdf 1

A look at the lsblk output confirms that the partition /dev/xvdf1 now fills the available space on the volume /dev/xvdf

3-  sudo resize2fs /dev/xvdf1




Product image upload not appear in Magento

Check these files





then allow flash for your web site 
in chrome
  • Go chrome settings,
  • chrome://settings/content
  • Content settings flash
  • Choose Allow sites

Setup Tomcat 8 on Debian 8 on port 80

  1. Edit /etc/default/tomcat8.  At the very end, there should be a line that says AUTHBIND=no.  Change this to say AUTHBIND=yes
  2. Edit /etc/tomcat8/server.xml.  In this file, there is an XML tag that starts out with <Connector port=”8080″ ….  Change this to be 80.  There are two sections that you want to change this.
  3. Go to /etc/authbind/byport.  Do the following(note: this assumes that tomcat is running as the tomcat8 user, which it will do if you installed it through apt)
    $ cd /etc/authbind/byport
    $ touch 80
    $ chown tomcat8 80
    $ chmod 744 80
  4. Restart Tomcat   —  $ systemctl restart tomcat8
    You should now be able to access Tomcat on port 80.