Dspace6 -“CREATE EXTENSION pgcrypto” Error

to install POSGRESQL pgcrypto EXTENSION

you must install  postgresql-contrib

# apt-get install postgresql-contrib


Add new Discovery search filter & facet fields in dspace

1- add the field to indeing

edit the files dspace.cfg

The search commands are written as “search.index.# = [name]:[schema].[element].[qualifier]”

add the field in this section

changing these will change your search results

search.index.6 = abstract:dc.description.abstract


2- add the field text in

    <message key=”xmlui.ArtifactBrowser.AdvancedSearch.type_abstract”>abstract</message>
    <message key=”xmlui.ArtifactBrowser.SimpleSearch.filter.abstract”>abstract</message>

3- Creating a new discovery bean

open the file


add the new fitler field to this section

for facet add it in this section
<property name=”sidebarFacets”>
<ref bean=”searchFilterAuthor” />
<ref bean=”searchFilterSubject” />
<ref bean=”searchFilterPublisher” />
<ref bean=”searchFilterIssued” />
<ref bean=”searchFilterAbstract” />


4- then create the field configuration beans
<!–Search filter configuration beans–>
<bean id=”searchFilterAbstract” class=”org.dspace.discovery.configuration.DiscoverySearchFilterFacet”>
<property name=”indexFieldName” value=”abstract”/>
<property name=”metadataFields”>
5- reindex discovery and restart tomcat
./dspace index-discovery -f
service tomcat7 restart

Enable and Generate statistics in Dspace

Enable Workflow first ( like here )

change solr data folder to tomcat user

run the stats-util  command

{dspace.dir}/bin/stats-util -o


{dspace.dir}/bin/stats-util -r -b

then run these command

[dspace]/bin/dspace sub-daily

[dspace]/bin/dspace filter-media
[dspace]/bin/dspace checker -lp
[dspace]/bin/dspace dsrun org.dspace.checker.DailyReportEmailer -c
[dspace]/bin/dspace stat-general
[dspace]/bin/dspace stat-monthly
[dspace]/bin/dspace stat-report-general
[dspace]/bin/dspace stat-report-monthly

Now convert and import the old log to statistics

cd /[dspace]/log

ITEM=`ls dspace.log.*`
for i in $ITEM ; do
../bin/dspace stats-log-converter -i $i -o $i.solr
ITEM=`ls *.solr`
for i in $ITEM ; do
../bin/dspace stats-log-importer -i $i